2524 Listed 
Bi-Directional Amplifiers
  • Proudly Designed and Built by Radio Solutions, Inc. (RSI) in Norwell, MA USA

  • UL 2524 Listed, NFPA, IBC, IFC Compliant

  • FCC Part 90 Certified

  • All Public Safety Frequency Bands Supported, Various Models Available

  • Channel and Band Selective Designs

  • Supervisory connections and event logging with Time Stamp Included

  • Status Notifications Included for Battery Capacity, Battery Voltage, Antenna, Power Supply, Charger, Primary AC Supply, Amplifier, BDA Components Monitoring

  • Advanced Diagnostics with multiple microcontrollers

  • Fully Integrated Primary Power Supply, Secondary Power Supply and Charger

  • Compact and Lightweight Unit, Space-Saving Design, Easy Installation

  • Excellent RF Performance - Low Noise, High Gain and High Power

  • Oscillation Suppression Feature Available

  • Uplink Noise Supression Available

  • High Reliability

  • High Power Efficiency

  • 24-Hour Battery Backup

  • Corrosion Resistant, Welded and Fully Sealed Type-4 UL Listed Aluminum Enclosure

  • Economical, Cost Saving Design

BDA Status Annunciator Panel
  • UL 2524 Listed, NFPA, IBC, IFC Compliant

  • Flush Mounts on a Standard 2-Gang Electrical Box

  • No External Power Supply or Battery Backup Required

DAS System Components
  • Listed Plenum Rated Cable

  • High Performance, Compact In-Building Antennas

  • Low Insertion Loss Signal Dividers and Couplers

  • All Frequency Bands Supported

  • Tried and Tested Designs

OEM Branded Custom Products
  • New Product Development and Manufacturing

  • Customization of the Existing Products

  • In-house Manufacturing Using State of the Art SMT Manufacturing Processes

  • CNC Aluminum Machining and Finishing

  • Custom RF Filters, Duplexers and Other Components

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